? “The Unearthed Fonts” is a font project based on a non-grid derivative. It explores the possibilities of font grids and fonts by unearthing fonts from "off-grid", preserving the original wild state.

“The unearthed fonts" is an experimental project based on non-grid derived fonts. The project explores the possibilities of typeface grids and fonts by excavating unearthed fonts from the "non-grid" and preserving the original wild state. A "grid" is a regular figure composed of rectangles, circles or other regular shapes that can be seen everywhere in our life, then a "non-grid" is an irregular "grid" composed of irregular shapes. So I call it "non-grid". The initial development of this topic is also due to coincidence. I tried to find a good-looking desktop sticker on the Internet, but failed. Then I saw the kitchen grease proof sticker at my best friend's Instagram, and it reflected the light beautifully, so I immediately ordered a roll of it online (don't ask me why I put kitchen stuff on my desk). A few days after I put the stickers on, I had the idea to make a font set (an experiment), and I found it was interesting that the patterns on it were irregular but aligned together well, and the outline of the alphabet could be seen. Then I started to look for letters on the desktop. I found most of the patterns that resembled letters, some letters were really not there, and I had to draw the remaining letters by observing the pattern of other letters. Some letters were exaggeratedly curved and easily mixed with with other letters, so they were modified a bit and the final shape has come into being. This was just the beginning, and I planned to expand it into a sustainable project, so I started looking for other "off-grids", which was quite difficult. What’s more, I had to look carefully at everything I passed. Fortunately, once I understood the characteristics of this grid, everything became easier. At the end, I quickly found three "off-grids" and extracted the corresponding letters. I am very delighted to do this exploration, it is not only the process of making the letters is important, but also the process of discovering and refining this organic typeface, which is more natural and rational, of course there is also an element of emotion in me. Basically this is a relatively industrial result (most of the "off-grid" I found came from industrial products).But it is surprisingly sensitive and looks more like a creation attached to emotions. Since then it seems that I have become more interested in natural industrial objects, even though they are made by cold machine, I have come to believe that they have an interesting quality inside.
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